HARVIA CILINDRO Plus Spot PP90SP 9.0kW electric sauna heater with wireless switch HPP900400SP

  • Stone capacity:  Stone size 5–10 cm: 90 kg
  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 310x310x1020mm
  • Sauna room (min. - max.) m3: 6 - 10
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€1 156,08 €910,30

Luxury heater with massive stone amount.

Harvia Cilindro electric heater’s massive sauna stone amount provides enjoyable sauna bath. You can choose from three different Cilindro heater models. The quality-price ratio of this floor mounted heater is excellent.

Harvia Cilindro Plus Spot heaters are equipped with a new wireless Harvia Spot control switch.  The wireless control switch makes the use of Cilindro Plus Spot heater easy and safe.  There are no visible cables in the switch and it can be placed to the desired surface and location.

The wireless Spot control switch makes the installation of the heater easier and faster than before – you can replace also your old heater easily with the new Cilindro Plus Spot heater. The stylish and illuminated control switch makes it easy to start or shut down the heater with one touch.

The price of the heater does not contain the price of the stones!


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