HARVIA FORTE AFB9 Steel 9,0kW electric sauna heater with separate digital control panel HAFB900400S

  • Stone capacity: Stone size 5–10 cm: 100kg
  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 500x535x830mm
  • Sauna room (min. - max.) m3: 10 -15
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€3 292,48 €2 592,50

Necessary amount of stones: 100kg

A soft bath – for relaxation.

Harvia Forte is a new, more modern version of heat-storing heaters. The economic features are dressed in an elegantly designed heater casing. Forte’s unique design and technique make it the finest heat-storing heater available.

The low bathing temperature characteristic of Forte guarantees a pleasant humid and abundant bath. The heater’s properties are the best in saunas with good thermal insulation and no massive materials (such as concrete, log or glass blocks). Efficient thermal insulation ensures that the energy consumption stays low.

You can also embed Harvia Forte heater to the lower bench with the help of an embedding flange made from stainless steel.

Harvia Forte’s digital control unit can be located in the sauna. This allows easy adjustment of the temperature as well as the heater power. Thanks to a revolutionary technique, the Forte heater is ready for another bathing session quicker than other corresponding heater models. Compared to other heat-storing heaters, Forte has a low profile with a height of no more than 830 mm – providing enough heat for the lower benches as well. The stone space is made of stainless steel. Only large, split-face sauna stones (over 10 cm in diameter) must be used in all electric storage heaters.

The price of the heater does not contain the price of the stones!

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