HARVIA XENIO additional WIFI control panel and door sensor set, CX001WIFI

According to the product standard IEC/EN 60335-2-53, which regulates electric sauna heaters, the sauna may only be remotely controlled with a door opening sensor or a safety switch frame mounted above the heater!

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  • The stove’s control panel comes with a door sensor that can be controlled remotely with the MyHarvia application. Compatible with XE model stoves and Xenio control units CX170 (2020) and CX110C (2020).
  • Experience wirelessness! The control panel can be connected to the local WiFi network and functions can be controlled through the MyHarvia application. Requires a local WiFi connection and MyHarvia application to work.
  • Inbuilt door sensor function enables safe remote starting (SFS-EN 60335-1 & 60 335-2-53). The sauna can be started remotely when the safe status is active, and the remote starting is interrupted if the door is open.
  • The MyHarvia application can be used to control the various functions, such as starting to heat the stove, temperature and humidity, lighting and air ventilation, memory function in case of power outages, timed starting and use of the week timer.
  • The functions make it easier to use the sauna daily and give you many new options. For example, you can arrive into a perfectly heated sauna, and follow the sauna functions on your phone.
  • Easy to install also afterwards to replace a basic model Xenio control panel.
  • Control over various safety equipment, such as door sensor and safety switch.
  • Updatable and modern control. The Xenio WiFi control panel can be updated through the MyHarvia application, giving you access to the newest features and improved functions.
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