HARVIA XENIO CX110C WIFI external digital control unit for combi heaters max. 11 kW, CX1104CXW

According to the product standard IEC/EN 60335-2-53, which regulates electric sauna heaters, the sauna may only be remotely controlled with a door opening sensor or a safety switch frame mounted above the heater!

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  • Durable and reliable WiFi remote control unit for sauna
  • Control your sauna – the temperature, humidity, lighting and air ventilation – with the MyHarvia mobile application.
  • Read more about the MyHarvia mobile application at www.myharvia.com.
  • The separate Xenio WiFi control panel is easy to install in the sauna or in a dry space. Control panel doubling as WiFi transmitter and receiver
  • A separate power unit installed in a dry space enables a range of connections for lighting, safety equipment and ventilation
  • Compatible with a traditional or a steamer combi heater (max. 11 kW) or sauna steaming unit (max 3.6 kW)
  • Remote use is safe thanks to safety equipment. Compatible with sauna door sensor and heater safety equipment
  • Compatible with supplementary power units if need exceeds 17 kW

  • If you want to be able to operate the heater outside the sauna room, select a heater (E Model) with a suitable separate control unit. The control unit must be installed outside the sauna room in a dry location. The control unit functions feature modern computer technology. There are places for electrical connections at and on the bottom of the control unit.
  • Digital controlling with style
  • Harvia XENIO is an elegant new-generation digital control unit. With XENIO, you can control the functions of your sauna or infrared cabin easily. Temperature can be set even within one degree. Harvia XENIO allows you to control practically anything that can be electronically controlled: operating time, temperature, lighting and fan. Using the timer you can set your sauna to be ready for bathing by the time you come home from work or a jog. XENIO is impressive inside and out. With a touch control panel, the style is in line with other details of modern saunas and bathrooms. Small and flat, the control panel can be installed in virtually any dry place.
  • Versatile and easy to use.
  • Harvia XENIO also offers a variety of easy-to-use optional features. The control unit can be equipped with another temperature sensor for even more accurate temperature control. It is possible to calibrate the temperature display to agree with your sauna thermometer.
  • There is also an option for an automatic switch-on after a power cut.
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